Anthony Williams

Anthony WilliamsA Chicago, IL native, Anthony Williams, was born July 8, 1975. He received is education in the Chicago Public School system until he migrated to the suburbs during his late teen years. There, in the Chicago suburbs he continued his education and found his passion in creativity.

Throughout his life, Williams experimented with various career ventures. He was a mechanic for many years, as well a foreman for a well-known Construction Company in Chicago that has since gone out of business. He has held supervisor positions in major retail corporations, but none of those jobs could ever give him the fulfillment and satisfaction that graphic designing and putting a piece together on the computer and seeing it on a t-shirt could do.

In 2000, finally giving in to the burning desire to create images, after being unaccepted by employers, because of the time he had spent in the penitentiary, Williams started A J Customized Cards, named after his first born son. Then, his focal point was business cards, fliers, and posters. However, he discovered that he was most passionate about making personalized t-shirts and later apparel as well. This discovery is how A J Customize Cards, transitioned to A J Customize INC. The company’s premium product became t-shirts instead of business cards.

Over the last decade, Williams has found great joy and happiness serving his community. He enjoys being able to work directly with his clients and gets great satisfaction each time a client leave happy. However, Williams says that the best part of his job is being able to let his imagination run without limitations. No other job could offer him that freedom and channel to expressionism. For these reasons, it was Williams who coined the expression “If you can dream it, we can make it.”

Williams is the heart of A J Customize INC; the heart gives life to the whole body. Williams takes tremendous pride in being the heart of A J Customize INC and seeks to continue to expand the company and put up stores in various cities throughout the country in the near future. Williams is dedicated to making A J Customize INC known worldwide, while yet remaining a friend to your community. Williams is joined hand-in-hand in the mission to execute the growth of A J Customize INC with his devoted partner, Shannon Jackson.